lundi 15 novembre 2010

You Can Be a Non-Smoker in 2 Months

Hello, my name is Thomas and I'm gonna share with you a method to stop smoking that requires no investment, that is natural, and that doesn't involve being hypnotized or using a nicotina patch. I have tested this method myself (I created this method), and I stopped smoking since years now , I can guarantee that this will work, the only thing it will require is "motivation" or in other words, your willingness to stop smoking.

1 :  The first step is to convince yourself that you wanna stop smoking, I mean, do you really want to stop smoking ? ? ? Or you just browse through the web thinking you will end on a miraculous product that will make you stop smoking in three days without effort ? ? ?

2 :  The second thing you will need is to be patient, this method isn't a magical trick to make you stop smoking in 24 h it's a serious, logical and mathematical approach to stop smoking, so the time it will take until you can indeed stop smoking will depend on the amount of cigarettes you smoke and how much you're "addicted" to it.

3 : The third step is related to the first step, you need to be literally "disgusted" of smoking, ,  you wanna quit smoking, , why ? ? ? Because you know it's bad for your health .. and your lungs have suffered from all these years of smoke you have been enduring, , maybe you even experience some shortness of breath and realised it's the time to stop. .

                                                                       The Method

Ok so here it is, , if you are still reading this, , it means you should be at least motivated to stop smoking, and I'd like to congratulate you. . I'm gonna show you the "Model" I used, and you will have to apply the same technique I used to you. . First I'd like to say that I wasn't a big smoker, and I was smoking approximately 10 cigarettes per day, which isn't a lot if you compare to most of the people out there that is most likely smoking one cigarette pack in a day (of course some people smoke more than that).

So if you smoke more than that it might take some time, , but don't worry the result should be the same, , from what I remember it took me about two months to stop after I thought about this .. so maybe if you smoke two packs a day it could take four months or even more. .

My method is simple , It's so simple you will think it's worthless ..but starting from now, , listen carefully. .

Ok , I said I used to smoke 10 cigarettes per day and one day I really wanted to stop smoking and I realised it would be easer if i could first decrease the amount I smoke , so yea here is the secret : DECREASE , to be more accurate decrease gradually , like I would'nt go and smoke 5 the next day no .. that would have been too hard , so , to sum it up the next few days iI tried to smoke 8-10 , that's what I did .. it was'nt too hard really plus I was smoking mostly while working .. so when you smoke while working you don't really pay much attention about how much you smoke but here i was , focus on the number I smoke, so yea you will need to count your cigarettes, I'm not gonna tell you to follow a precise guideline , you will need to adapt this method to you, so the next week I was smoking about 7-8 or so , then the week after 6-8 and so on , until I finally reach the point where I smoke 2-3 per day .. that's the secret , keep decreasing until you can really stop easily , but wait , it's not finish you should do this until you really smoke 1 cigarette per day , yea im serious , well i think I could have maybe smoked 2 the day I really stopped(like 1 the morning and my last 1 was after a lunch at 12 o'clock break) but that's just me , honestly i can't really remember.

I wanted to quickly point out something before I finish, to make it clear.. let's do some maths : I smoked 10 cigarettes per day, I stopped over two months of time, so if you calculate, , that means you would have to decrease by about 1.25 cigarette per week.. not a big deal eh ? ? ? , but to make it easer, let's sum it up to a one cigarette per week decrease, so that will add two weeks to my total of two months, in the end : two months and two week by decreasing each week of one cigarette. .

Of course if you smoke 20 cigarettes per day .. just double the numbers up here and so on, and if you think decreasing by one cigarette over one week is still too much, do over 2 and double the total time you will stop smoking, see you can adapt this to whatever suits you the best. .

I told you my very own method to stop smoking, and for me, it worked. Remember, , if it worked for me, it can work for you, I'm gonna explain in details  how I felt after smoking my last cigarette (and also during) .

I was sat on a bench in some supermarket center hall eating my lunch (not the best place I know) I ate my sandwich, then I got my pack out thinking "yea , It prolly won't be my last cig" , I started smoking it .. one puff .. two puffs , then i suddently had a shock,  the cigarette wasn't finished , I had just started it basically .. , and I had an HORRIBLE taste in my mouth , That's what I would call the real taste of the cigarettes because when you smoke for some time now you don't feel any taste when smoking .. you think it's "good" (I think some of the chemicals in the cigarettes reduce the taste of the cigarette, or maybe it's the tobacco itself) so yea I let you imagine what followed , I throw my cigarette away, and I was truly disgusted of this horrible taste in my mouth and in my head it was it, that was my last cigarette ..!

Ok I hope you enjoyed my method/story and that it will help you, and I wish you good luck for your quitting, you're welcome to comment, , and if you liked this site and, even if it helped you stop smoking, get back to me, and even recommend this site to your friends/parents etc.

Thanks for reading ! ! !

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