mardi 8 février 2011

How to Eliminate Your Psychological Dependence on Smoking

The main reason why people are so addicted to cigarettes is because it provokes a high dependence, which is both physical and psychological. .
Physical because the main active substance in the tobacco is the nicotine, which when absorbed release a few chemical substances in the brain that gives the smoker a feeling of well-being or relaxation. .
And psychological because after years of smoking, the body is accustomed to have this relaxation feeling frequently, so when the body stops getting these substances, it will induce a craving in your brain. .
To stop this craving feeling, you will need to reduce your dependence and one of the biggest unknown tricks to achieve this is to diminish.This will train your body to be less addicted to this chemical reaction that the nicotine gives you. Of course this process is hard. It takes commitment and strong will, and the more the person is smoking, the harder it will be to diminish. .
This is why you have to do it step-by-step little by little, stopping to smoke within one day is practically impossible, especially for someone smoking an average of one packet every day or more.
Decreasing gradually is the key, and it's very simple, let's say each week you smoke one less cigarette than you used to smoke, and keep doing this over and over until you reach the point where you smoke only a few cigarettes each day, and once you get to this point, it won't be a problem anymore to stop smoking. .
Everyone can apply this method. It worked for me so it can work for you, even if it takes some time it is definitely worth it.

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